Marley Natural™ is a premium product line crafted with awareness, authenticity, and a genuine respect for nature’s nourishing benefits. Our flower, accessories, and body care products are all responsibly sourced and integrity driven. Each of our offerings is a direct reflection of the Marley ethos that integrates nature’s goodness with a belief in the positive potential of herb. As agents of change, we promote positivity, connectivity, and personal transformation. And as believers in progress, we offer an exceptional lifestyle line that is inspired by Jamaica’s vibrant culture. We are proud to be the official Bob Marley cannabis brand.





Our Marley Green flower is a recommended way to begin your Marley Natural experience. A hybrid’s balanced levels of THC offer the best of both worlds by combining the cerebral high of Sativa with the physical relaxation of Indica for a satisfying blend that is ideal for enjoying your smoking ritual. All natural and sustainably grown, our Marley Green delivers a personal and predictable experience with nature’s finest.



Our premium Marley Gold flower promotes a clean and consistent smoking experience that is suggested for daytime use. This Sativa offers an energetic, uplifting high that cultivates positive social, creative or mindfully focused experiences. Its higher percentages of THC may produce a more cerebral high compared to other cannabis strains. Marley Gold offers flower connoisseurs a well-balanced experience with each use.



The perfect complement for wellness and well-being, our CBD-rich Marley Red flower combines a beneficial ratio of CBD to THC, which makes it ideal for daytime or evening use. CBD is believed to have anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and anti-anxiety properties, as well as counteracting the psychoactive effect of THC. Our mindfully grown Marley Red provides connoisseurs the opportunity to experience a satisfying CBD-rich cannabis smoking experience.



Our distinctive Marley Black flower is suggested for connoisseurs seeking a more physical, full-body experience. The high potency, high THC percentage creates a very effective Indica high with just the right balance of sedative effects. Our premium Indica is the perfect complement for physical relaxation and overall sensory decompression.



Our pure cannabis oils reflect a deep respect and appreciation for nature’s beneficial properties. We start with locally cultivated plants harvested on select farms using responsible growing practices. Our extraction methods preserve the fullest natural terpene profiles, allowing you to enjoy the finest flavors with premium effect. All of our products are tested for purity and safety.

Our extraction methods preserve the fullest natural cannabinoid and terpene profiles. We use a hand-developed, specially formulated oil to maintain a perfect level of THC and THCA to terpene levels. Natural terpene flavors are reintroduced back into the oil from the original whole flower. We use sub critical extraction, which is a more refined and delicate process that does less damage to cannabinoids. Our cannabis oil maintains a very high level of cannabinoids in each of the four categories, with the THC level ranging from 69-75%, whereas CBD levels can reach as high as 75% CBD, with less than 10% THC. The purity of THC is obtained through a process known as molecular evaporation, which does not harm or depredate cannabinoids. All of our oils are 100% cannabis with no additives or off-the-shelf flavorings.



Sun-grown, whole flower cannabis rolled in unbleached paper for that smooth Marley taste. Hand-selected whole flower cannabis. Sourced from local farms run by experienced growers committed to sustainable farming practices. Free of harmful pesticides and fertilizers. Rolled in natural, unbleached paper with a crutch filter. Tested for potency, purity and safety.



We are dedicated to cultivating premium flower that is harvested on select farms by experienced growers using sustainable practices. Our flower is all natural and untainted by any harmful fertilizers, pesticides, or chemicals. We believe the finest flower grown in optimal conditions produces superior product, and take pride in offering select genetics and heirloom strains. Our growing practices ultimately reflect the Marley ethos of positivity, progress, and natural well-being.